The Company:

Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle was established in 2014. We set ourselves apart from most other lifestyle company where we offer not only fashion, yet also beauty needs.

i) Concept:

We wish to be a company that is loved and trusted for generations, not for a fleeting reputation. We will not forget that the best marketing is quality and services, and the highest priority is always people.


Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle pursues to enrich your life with a blend of healthy, beautiful skin and fashion lifestyle need. We believe that good products can make people and the world more beautiful.

The Fashion:


We Know Awesome Look & Practical Use

Fashion in SANNY & JOLEEN started with our classic limited edition brand handbags series. Most of the handbags are made of genuine calf leather. Basic clean design of our handbags wins the most ladies heart. Women who love SANNY & JOLEEN follows her own style, not the trend; chooses self- satisfaction over what others think. Your style will be completed the moment you meet SANNY & JOLEEN.

The Skin Care:


We Know Natural & Affordable

Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle’s skin care is Malaysian made and owned, and is run by a dedicated young team, focused on providing customers with the best natural skincare on the market.

 Our commitment to natural began with a simple question: what should never be found in our skincare? Thus, Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle’s skin care products do not contain harsh chemicals which are used in many products in the market today, including sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, harsh detergent, parabens, mineral oils and so on.

 Instead, Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle products ingredients are carefully selected. They are formulated with good quality botanical extracts to bring out the best in your skin. We always use ourselves as a trial panel to try and test the products before introducing them to the market.

 We always believe where natural good quality products should be made available to everyone. Therefore our skin care prices are affordable for all ages.