Brand Story

Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle was established in 2014 with the foresight of providing simple, basic products with good quality that fulfill one’s lifestyle need. The brand started with handbags, followed by natural skin care ranges.



Sanny & Joleen ‘s core principles:

  1. Focus on selection of materials and ingredients
  2. Simple & basic packaging


Sanny & Joleen Handbags are young, special and fashionable, suitable for all sorts of fun or elegant events, party and functions. The simplicity and basic concept is the one fashion that never fade with time!

Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle Skin Care look into natural and gentle ingredients, without harsh chemicals like Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), parabens, animal derivatives, artificial colouring and so on. We carefully selected the skin loving ingredients such as antioxidants to nourish and keep the skin healthy. 


While with the simplicity & basic exterior packaging, we divert our focus and deliver more values in terms of the internal ingredients within.