Botanicals for Your Skin: Everything You Need to Know

29 June 2019

by Amy Ho

Think you already know everything about the goodness of plants? Think again! History has traced the use of plants as the main source of all cosmetics as far back as the days of ancient Egypt. With an increasing concern in consuming eco-friendly products, plant-based skin care has been booming in the beauty industry.


What is considered a botanical ingredient?

Also known as plant-based ingredients, botanical ingredients are powerful components used in cosmetic or personal care products which are derived from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves or seeds.

What are some of the benefits of botanical extracts?

Antioxidant activity

One of the main reasons why every skin care lover is going crazy over plant-based products. Every day, free radicals are being produced as you carry out your daily activities - yes, that includes breathing. Free radicals are molecules that can cause significant damage to lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and DNA, leading to issues such as premature ageing.


Plant extracts are great natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals by scavenging them or stopping them from forming in the first place. After all, plants have been created to thrive in constant exposure of ultraviolet (UV) light, hence they are naturally the best solution to combat free radicals.

Keeps skin bright by stimulating the breakdown of tyrosinase

Melanin is a natural pigment found in our skin and is essential in protecting us from UV rays. The production process starts from an amino acid called tyrosine, which works by oxidising the enzyme tyrosinase and then converted into melanin. But how is that harmful to the skin?


An over-activity of tyrosinase leads to an overproduction of melanin. This in turn causes an abnormal accumulation of the pigments leading to various skin disorders such as hyperpigmentation. Plant extracts actually inhibit tyrosinase activity, and less tyrosinase means less melanin production.

Antimicrobial activity

Our skin is populated by billions of diverse bacteria. While most strains of bacteria on our skin are harmless, some can trigger serious infections given the environment they thrive in, such as oily or dry skin. Phenolic compounds found in plants are able to act as natural antimicrobials and are important plant defense mechanisms against viruses and bacteria.


Plant extracts are gentle and work wonders for our skin. SANNY & JOLEEN LIFESTYLE has incorporated up to 5 skin loving botanicals in our pore clarifier. Try out the goodness for yourself today!

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