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Chu Yin Chia
Antioxidant Serum - Amazingly this is really my first time to use a product which contains Vitamin E but it's not oily at all. Moreover it also has other good ingredients like the niacinamide and panthenol (which are my favourite as well). I have normal to dry face (always under air cond) but i feel very comfortable when using this serum. Again thanks for this repairing serum which lightens my freckles and pigmentation over time.
Amirah Bt Hassan
Muka I berminyak sepanjang masa. Bila i mula guna produk Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle antioxidant serum, ia memang best. Langsung Tak berminyak and cepat serap dalam kulit. Pore Clarifier juga deep cleanse muka saya, sangat bersih dan lembut. Jerawat sudahlah kurang. Terima kasih banyak-banyak 🙂
Dory Chin Yee Ming
I first bought the antioxidant serum at the pharmacy because my skin has some pigmentation and marks problem. After using for around 1-2 months, the pigmentation slowly lightens which surprises me the great effect.
My daughter even take it and use when she has left over marks from mosquito bites.
I have been using so many products, but this antioxidant serum with the high strength Vitamin E tocotrienol really different from others. I am now using the whole set of Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle products and I am looking forward for your new upcoming quality products.
Thank you.
Selina Koh
Antioxidant Serum has been my all time favourite serum.
I use it everyday morning and night to keep my skin moisturised. I really like the non-oily feeling and it really absorbs very fast into my skin. I recommended to my friends and they love it too!
Sakinah Mohd Darus
I just want to share some positive feedback about this product. I have been using Antioxidant Serum for a few months and now I'm totally happy with my skin. Usually I'll apply this serum early in the morning and before sleep after wash my face. This serum slowly fades my acne scars and at the same time moisturises my skin. No peeling at all.
I'll strongly recommend this product to my family and friends.
I bought Pore Clarifier through your website and just received today. Can't wait to try! Oh ya, your customer service is veryyyyyy good. Thanks for good explanation.




产品真的好用,有效果。我最爱用的是你们家的洗脸霜,少泡泡,比较健康又非常干净。一瓶也可以用蛮久的,很值得用。我的脸的痘痘都减少了。之前还有那些痘痘疤痕。自从用了抗氧化精华液几个月后,那些疤痕明显淡化了。真心感谢。  陈欣仪上。




Feel deep cleanse after using the pore clarifier. The face wash feel fresh and moist.  Will repurchase again.


Teressa Leong

The antioxidant serum reduce my acne scar effectively in few weeks time. I never had such high expectation but it really works. Thank you so much. 


Doreen Yong

The face wash is a good moisturising cleanser. Does not irritate my skin.



Saya punya jerawat di muka sudah kurang selepas mengguna pencuci muka ini.



Indeed effective for my pimples. Awesomely reduced. Thank you.



The pore clarifier has good exfoliating properties. It is very gentle and effective on my face.


Amanda Chong

Feel soothing when applying the pore clarifier on face. Remove oil on my nose. Feel my face so much cleaner after using.


Ming Soon T.

I used to have very bad ache and yellow paste on the pimples. I use this pore clarifier regularly for around 3 months and I can see my ache are getting better. The customer service is very good. They teach us how to take care skin not only using the products, but also take care of diet intake, general health and lifestyle. Well trained and AWESOME!


Madeling Woo

All benefits in 1 bottle serum which I use it like a moisturiser to maintain my skin radiance. Like the cooling and non-oily effect and it is very moisturising. My mum has been using this antioxidant serum for lighten her pigmentation. It works on her skin. Thank you so much. 


Keen Chin

My dull skin become brighter after using the whole set. The pore clarifier remove my dead skin cell effectively. Thank you.


Molly Kuay

The first time I bought this in a pharmacy and started using it. Since then I started to share to my friends and family who are looking for natural skin care without the SLS and parabens. Highly moisturising and wont feel tight after using. The face wash can use for very long period of time. Highly recommended.


Pang JL

Use non woven swab works so much better to normal facial cotton. Guys, use non woven swab when using the pore clarifier. I can feel the difference instantly.


Kim Fang

I am a happy regular user of this Pore Clarifier


Aileen Lee

The best natural brand serum. No need to apply so many steps of moisturiser. Now i just use the All Benefits in 1 bottle antioxidant serum daily. My post acne scar reduced gradually. Thanks Sanny & Joleen.


Yap Su Fen

Aloe Vera moisturising cleansing cream is nice to use. It is quite concentrated so i just need to pump out small amount to use it. It removes all my face oil, at the same time not too drying also. Very moisturising face wash.


Aisyah Yusof

For better absorption of my facial creams, i use this Pore Clarifier regularly to ensure my pores are deep clean and ready to absorb vitamins, yeah. 🙂


Hong K.

Very soothing and smooth face wash. Even OK for my sensitive skin. Very mild and gentle for my skin.


Joanne Ching

Pore Clarifier is cooling when first apply on my face. They recommended to use non woven swab instead of normal facial cotton due to the reason that non woven swab absorb lesser liquid. I was shocked when i saw the swab was so dirty after wiping on my face. Overall it is real highly recommended.


Siew Jin

Pore clarifier can minimise my pores, even though it is not really stated in their function. I can see my pores getting smaller after using.The oil cyst of on my face are reduced. Thank you.


Jenny Foo

Good product. Thank you!


Soo Sherly

Pore clarifier has become my favourite since i have very serious blackhead problem on my nose, and also T-zone area. I used it 2 times a week or wherever I feel my face is super dirty. First time I use, I can really see the dirt on the cotton, which it gets rid of the oil and dirt effectively. Highly recommended. 🙂


Kim Siew

I have been using this product for 6 months and i feel the difference. At first it does not show instant result which i expect, but as i continue to use, my face dead skin cell is clearly reduced. This makes my moisturiser easier be absorbed into my face. I'll be continuing to use this. Tq.


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