What is Anti-Pollution Skin Care?

24 May 2019

By Amy Ho

It’s no surprise that the process of industrialisation and urbanisation has led to an increased level of air pollution. Studies have shown that more skin problems were found in the more polluted areas of the world compared to areas of rural settings. If you live in a metropolitan area, you should probably start wondering about what the daily intake of smog is actually doing to your skin—our body’s largest organ and outermost barrier.

Pollution damages our skin

To break it down for you, air pollution consists of gas and particulate contaminants present in the atmosphere, such as oxides and cigarette smoke. These pollutants penetrate deep into the dermis and cause significant damages, to name a few being DNA damages, reactive oxygen, and inflammation resulting in hyperpigmentation and degradation of collagen. The worst part? These extrinsic factors aggravate the skin ageing process, yikes! The good news is that - the latest anti-pollution skincare technology is able to counteract the damages and help you achieve optimum protection!

How does anti-pollution skincare work?

Physically, the anti-pollution technology fosters film formation of the skin by promoting ceramide and filaggrin production. Ceramides make up over 50% of the skin’s composition, it holds your skin together, retaining the moisture and protecting your skin against environmental threats. Filaggrin, on the other hand, is a protein that is essential for skin hydration and integrity of the skin barrier. In other words, anti-pollution skincare builds a potentially long-lasting “second layer” over the skin.

Experts determined eight major ways our skin ages, each of which is controlled by its own group of genes. Anti-pollution technology focuses on biochemical protection to protect our genes and hinder it from unpleasant DNA mutation. This is done by infusing Phaseolus Radiatus Extract - a vacuole extract from mung bean plant stem cells that offers rich antioxidant and skin rejuvenation benefits.

While pollutants sink into our dermis and cause havoc, anti-pollution skincare helps prevent that by offering detox of the dermis. The technology incorporates Centaurea Cynus Flower Extracts to promote the growth of lymphatic endothelial cells. These cells are what filters the pollutants entering the skin dermis!

According to NASA, almost 80 per cent of the world’s population breathes polluted air. Which explains why anti-pollution skincare is a must-add to your skincare regime.


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