Why Choose Premium Vitamin E Tocotrienol?

Intro to Vitamin E

Vitamin E is made up of eight different compounds, subdivided into two categories: tocopherols, the form traditionally used in beauty care products; and tocotrienols, the new “super” form, which is proving significantly stronger as an antioxidant. When scientists first studied Vitamin E, they concluded that alpha tocopherol was the most effective form of vitamin E for protecting lipid from free radical attack. Derivatives of alpha tocopherol include tocopherol acetate and tocopherol succinate, were equally popular. Till the late 1980s, researchers began to study on the different compound of vitamin E and they discovered that tocotrienol delivered amazing result, with its 40-60 times higher antioxidant potency as compared to the more common form of vitamin E tocopherols.

Why Antioxidant is so important to us?

Lets understand the science..

We believe that it is associated with our cell energy powerhouse, called mitochondria. Mitochondria played a major role in maintaining a beautiful-looking skin as they are responsible for all energy production in the body. However, mitochondria are a constant site for free-radical production and very susceptible to the damage that free radicals can cause. Therefore, it is important to have antioxidants that will protect the mitochondria from this free-radical damage. Well, other forms of free radical may be resulted from the environmental stresses such as the UV ray and air pollutions.


Source of Tocotrienol

Tocotrienol can be sourced from plants such as palm oil, barley and rye. Palm oil has amazingly rich tocotrienol. That’s why our premium Vitamin E source is from palm oil.

Why Choose Premium Vitamin E tocotrienol ?

Studies show that tocotrienol possess 40-60 times higher antioxidant potency as compared to the more common variant tocopherol. Under laboratory conditions, tocotrienol are much more effective in preventing free radical damage than the traditional tocopherols. These super premium E are able to disperse rapidly to the skin and disarm the free radicals far more quickly than the tocopherols. Tocotrienol promotes higher absorption and protection to the skin. It enhances skin repairing, nourishment and protection against age spot, wrinkles, marks and scars. Long-term usage of premium vitamin E tocotrienol promotes healthy youthful skin.

Why Choose Antioxidant Serum?

Antioxidant serum contains the premium Vitamin E Tocotrienol and it is Non-Oily too.