Why Does Your Skin Look Dull?

6 Sept 2019

by Amy Ho

Ever seen someone with skin so glow-ish that you can’t seem but wonder why your skin is so dull? Everybody wants that healthy, radiant glow that helps add on to one’s self-confidence and beauty. We’ve listed out a few possible reasons and solutions to whatever is dimming your natural rosy skin tone of youth.


Cause 1: You live in the city

With the development of the city comes major air pollution, meaning various pollutants penetrating deep into your skin dermis to create free radicals. And with free radicals comes premature ageing of your skin, leading to an uneven skin tone and texture - something you might not want.


How do you deal with this? Apply anti-pollution skincare before heading out to combat pollution (check out our anti-pollution sunscreen!) and ​never skip cleansing your face properly after a long day out.

Cause 2: Your skin is dehydrated

Dry skin is dull skin. Moisture is one of the keys to achieving a radiant complexion. When your skin is well hydrated, almost every other of your skincare concerns can be solved.


To deal with dry skin, incorporate a serum and moisturiser into your routine. Pat on the products with your fingers to drive the moisture deep into your skin. On days when your skin feels extra tight, try a sheet mask!


Cause 3: Your face is piled up with dead skin cells

Skin cells regenerate every 30 days, pushing dead skin cells to the top layer of the skin. The accumulation of these dead skin cells could be the main culprit of your dull and dry skin tone.


To reveal your newly regenerated skin underneath, always be sure to cleanse and exfoliate properly to slough off dead skin cells. Exfoliation can be done two to three times a week.


Cause 4: You don’t watch what you eat

Your skin reflects what’s going on in your body. Did you know that a high salt level diet influences your body’s water retention and insulin levels? In other words, it zaps the radiance from your skin.


While it’s hard to follow a strict no-salt-added diet, include more colourful vegetables in your diet and increase your daily water intake. This helps to balance the pH level of your body, making your skin glow from the inside out.


A beautiful complexion may not come easy but it’s definitely worth the strive. Always give the changes you make to improve your skin the time to prove their effectiveness!