How to Renew Ageing Skin?

6 Sept 2019

by Amy Ho

The accumulation of years and experiences add beauty to your life, but unfortunately also contributes to the extra lines on your face - something that you might not particularly fancy. Here, we share a few essential tips to take note of in your skincare routine to help restore the youthfulness of your skin.



1. Slather on sunscreen diligently

We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again - never forget to apply sunscreen! Sun protection is the basis of every anti-ageing plan to ensure your skin looks youthful in the many years to come. If you have to spend a long day under the sun, be sure to seek shade and cover up whenever possible. A few tips: long sleeves help to minimise signs of ageing on your arms such as age spots, and sunglasses reduces fine lines around your eyes.

2. Avoid sensitising ingredients

Certain people are born with sensitive skin, but when you have sensitive skin caused by environmental factors (such as from using cosmetic ingredients), you’re experiencing sensitised skin. Whether your skin is sensitive or sensitised, you should be cautious of the skincare products you use which contain problematic ingredients. Unsurprisingly, the two categories that top this list are fragrances and alcohols (as explained in our previous post). Your skin may seem unreactive to these ingredients but the danger lies in the age-accelerating effects that they pose.


3. Equip your skincare routine with anti-ageing ingredientsWe’re not just talking about the basics like facial moisturiser or sunscreen, which skincare lovers are already familiar with. The key is to know the right ingredients and products to combat your concerns! An example of this is the use of serum - which helps deliver powerful, active ingredients to deal with specific skin problems. A serum containing anti-ageing ingredients is a must for those seeking to renew ageing skin. Of course, we’d love for you to consider our star product: Antioxidant Serum, enriched with niacinamide - a power ingredient known to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Amidst your youthful skin-restoring endeavour, always remember that just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to get old. Learn to dwell in the present and embrace every phase in your life without resenting the lines it has left on your face. With proper skincare, you’ll surely be able to regain the confidence you’ve had in your yesteryear.

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